Our Story

was a cold December night in Jackson, TN in 2020. (Actually, it was pretty hot. It’s Tennessee, y’all.) Faces were covered, as we were living through the plague, and Whitney had no idea there was a ridiculous handlebar mustache hiding beneath the ear loops of Alex’s N95.

Whitney was the photographer and Alex was the audio engineer for the wedding band. We were looking at each other all night. Once the wedding ended, Alex used the bravery he kept stored in his mustache to give Whitney his number. 

Three days later, we met each other at the Sutler in between Alex’s two shifts and had our first date over dinner. We never tried to bring up big-ticket topics, but we found ourselves naturally discussing our personal beliefs and desires for the future, only to be surprised again and again by how much we aligned. Despite not knowing how to feel about the mustache, Whitney decided to hang out with Alex for the show. 

Many dates later, it was obvious we wanted this forever. Not only do we both embody a child-like joy that softens the hard times, but we balance each other out in very complementary ways. Whitney stretches our heads to the clouds, while Alex keeps our feet on the ground. Both hard workers, Whitney reminds us to slow down to listen to our minds’ and bodys’ needs, while Alex teaches commitment and purpose for what matters most (and reads Whitney Harry Potter). 

Alex proposed, Whitney didn’t say yes, yet here we are. 

Alex: She really didn’t say yes, she just told me I was dumb and then cried all over me.
Whitney:  Yeahhh, I did say he was dumb (which I feel bad about), but I was just so shooketh, and I had totally already called it that he was about to propose. He took ten years to trim his beard on a Wednesday and got dressed up. It wasn’t Valentine’s day or anything, it was turkey season… 

(Whitney thinks she's really clever for that last sentence.)

Since day one, even through fear and doubt of the unknown, we knew we had something unique worth working for. To us, marriage is more than the wedding, the house, the mundane Tuesday; marriage is the unbreakable vow by which we choose a partner to mirror us and push one another to grow.

We are beyond excited to celebrate with you.

With Love,

Alex + Whit

We hope to see you there!

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